Your Law Firm Needs a Time Tracking Software: Here’s Why

Technology has brought a lot of convenience to people’s life. Businesses, in particular, have benefitted from more streamlined and efficient processes thanks to technology, from product manufacturing to managing finances. Even so, there are still law firms that rely on a manual billing system. While there is nothing wrong with it, a manual method can be time-consuming and more prone to inaccuracies. Meanwhile, having a systematized way of tracking your time, managing invoices, and creating billings can have many benefits. 

If you are still following a manual method of time tracking, here’s why you must upgrade your work method now:

Save more time

If you need to manually check your watch to jot down the start and end time you allotted for your hundred tasks, you might want to consider having a digital tracker instead. Listing down the time for each task is not as simple as it looks, especially when you are juggling several tasks in a day. 

Lawyers also do not spend the entire day attending to one client alone. They need to multitask and finish tasks as soon as possible to proceed to the next steps of their work. In manual tracking, you also need to add a little description of the task so that you don’t forget what you did during that time. Writing these notes could take around three minutes of your precious time. If you multiply this to the total of tasks you do for a month, it could amount to a huge waste of time. 

Having an automated platform to track down your time could help you save more time for things that matter. Tracking your time would only last for a few seconds, and you are also allowed to customize your billing codes so that you can properly track which tasks and clients they belong to. 

An efficient process for everyone

If you are still implementing a manual billing system, the process is usually like this: your staff gathers all the manually inputted timesheets from all attorneys, then they will organize all the information and enter them into the billing system. This process is prone to other mistakes like a lost time tracker or hard to read and incorrect inputted hours in the system.

If you have a timekeeping management tool to automate your process, the wait and long process is no longer necessary. With attorneys entering their realtime timesheet in the system, producing invoices will be done in an instant and inaccuracy can be avoided. 

High-level of accuracy

The automated process can back you up better when charging a client. Because all tasks done with complete details are found in the system, you have proof of why you are charging that cost to your client. Unlike with the manual process, a simple misinterpretation of a handwritten timesheet could cause you a lot of problems. With an automated system, there is a lesser chance for your office to provide the wrong billing to your client.  

Highly accessible platform

Some legal timekeeping management solutions are accessible to any smart device. Whether you are working in the room using your desktop or laptop, or you are away with only your mobile phone, you can access your timekeeping software anytime, anywhere. With simple taps on your phone, it can automatically sync all the information into the system. 

High security

Software dedicated to time management is a highly secured platform both from physical threats or any cyber-attacks. Having one in your office will leave you not worrying about where you put your paper tracker or if your list has been destroyed, or whether there are malware attacking your information system. 


Law is not a simple business to manage. Lawyers are often multitasking and are busy most of the time. Manually tracking your tasks and timing could be another difficult task to put over your daily challenges. 

Time tracking, invoice creation, and billing are important elements in a law firm. If these are not noted properly, the firm could be charging less or more than they should. Having a legal timekeeping management software could help you streamline this aspect of the job. It will show you what tasks were achieved per client and how much you should charge for it. Moreover, it will help give your company an understanding of which clients and tasks take much of your lawyer’s time daily. 

If you would like to see options for legal timekeeping management software, we are here to help you. We offer different software from different vendors for your various needs. Contact our US-based team today!