Why Lawyers Should Start Using Electronic Signatures

At present, legal companies around the world have learned to progress with the evolution of technology. Plenty of firms are now utilizing cloud-based technology, especially now since most people are forced to work at home and accomplish transactions behind a computer screen due to the pandemic.

Law professionals are now relying heavily on the power of technology by incorporating a remote-access VPN to secure online documents and utilizing video call meetings with clients. The adjustments may be challenging for some, but they are necessary to get things done.

Besides that, legal tech has also made it possible for signatures to be done online to make people’s lives easier without having to meet in person—and possibly risk getting infected with COVID-19! 

Keep reading below to find out why your law firm needs to start applying electronic signatures to your practice.

 Reasons to Consider Electronic Signatures

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more law firm companies had to struggle and rely on technology due to their situation of being forced to work remotely. Thanks to e-signatures, they can continue accommodating their clients despite this sudden turn of events. Right now, there are various arrays of legal contract management software you can use to improve your hold on the situation and make things better for you and your client.

They Provide Convenience

When you’re settling agreements with your clients, it takes a while to receive the necessary handwritten signatures on the legal documents involved to allow you to proceed with the deal. It usually requires both parties to go over the records individually as well as together.

If you apply a contract management tool to your transaction, you can expect to utilize an electronic signature to make the procedure more convenient for you and your client. It helps prevent human errors and eliminates the need to meet all the time just to receive the required signatures for the physical documents.

They Highlight Efficiency 

It can be quite time-consuming having to set up an appointment with your client multiple times just for a signature—especially if both parties involved have other priorities to attend to. When there are sudden meetings that need to be set, you or your client will have to find time to squeeze in your appointment from your already busy schedule. 

But if you relied on a legal contract management tool that utilizes electronic signatures, you never have to worry about taking up each other’s time of day again. You can speed up the process of your client’s case and avoid spending too much energy when things can be easily handled online.  

They Serve as a Digital Solution 

The law firms of today are making sure that they catch up with the times by applying modern advancements and legal technology to their practice. In fact, some companies are already aiming towards becoming a paperless setting.

It’s important to consider that when you deal with less physical documents, you have fewer chances of committing a mistake. You can also expect to improve your organization if you prefer to manage documents digitally. Accessing files online and applying e-signatures to contracts can make deals faster and easier for everyone involved.


Modern technology has certainly made everyone’s lives better, and it’s about time that legal practices learn to get with the trends and allow the latest advancements to take over. Electronic signatures offer significant benefits, including convenience and efficiency for all parties, primarily since plenty of digital transactions done today are acceptable and legal!

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