What Law Firms Are Doing to Effectively Track Time Entry

Perfecting the administrative task of time entry is essential to the success of running a law firm. With so many daily consultations and meetings happening, billable time can become a challenge to track efficiently. This results in financial deficiencies that turn away valued clients and underfund attorneys. Luckily, there is an effective modern solution.

This article looks into the dilemma of time entry and its many challenges. We will also look into why many firms now invest in legal technology, such as timekeeping management software, to effectively track and justify billable time records.

Challenges to Effectively Track Time Entry

Take note of the following common problems that clients and attorneys face when it comes to time entry:

1. Lack of consistent and detailed tracking

Telephone and video conferencing are more commonplace today, and many clients now seek legal services remotely. These should also be included in the billable hours of the law firm. However, they are often left off-record, which can lead to the firm’s bankruptcy.

Whether big or small legal consultations, law firms need to track billable time to ensure that attorneys and paralegal staff are paid. Clients can also easily take advantage of these lapses as pro bono legal counsel. This results in a common problem that most law firms deal with called underbilling.

2. Complexities of recalling time

Law firms have always resorted to manually tracking time through calendars and timesheets to detail billable hours. They often reconstruct this through their phone logs and emails. However, due to the many entry points of communication, recalling time often becomes a complex situation to calculate efficiently.

As mentioned previously, underbilling is a common occurrence in this situation. However, overbilling can also become possible. Attorneys and legal staff alike can make human errors when recalling different consultations. This leads to the mistrust of law firms and many clients taking their legal business elsewhere.

Without an effective means to effectively recall for time entry, law firms will be forced to guess and mishandle records.

3. Managing clients’ legal timelines

Seeking legal counsel often means clients adhere to a timeline. Attorneys are able to construct the best legal solutions and documents through the means of effectively tracking meetings and proceedings. However, the ineffectiveness of keeping time entry can also greatly affect this.

Redundancy among legal counsel is a common problem, as attorneys tend to many different clients a day. They can make mistakes in the process of handling their client’s legal timelines. This is why a solution that effectively tracks time entry down to the finest detail is needed to ensure the smooth running of legal proceedings.

Why Timekeeping Management Software Is the Best Solution

Thankfully, all the aforementioned time entry problems are now a thing of the past. This is because modern-day legal software, such as timekeeping management, directly solves or prevents these issues. Take note of the following benefits:

1. Efficient tracking of billable time

Legal software can track billable hours within all kinds of legal counsel, whether planned or casual. Therefore, a law firm can prevent overbilling or underbilling its clients. This keeps the firm’s finances in check, as attorneys and legal staff are duly paid for their services.

2. Increased productivity

The consistency of time entry records allows attorneys to process many more clients, resulting in an increase in the law firm’s productivity. The time management software is like a legal assistant that gives the attorneys the full attention they need to oversee legal proceedings and provide solutions for their clients.

3. High-quality service compared to more traditional law firms

Although legal software has become more prominent in recent years, there are still more traditional law firms that don’t utilize it. This allows your law firm to rise above in terms of providing more quality services to as many clients as possible.


To better optimize your firm’s productivity rate and success in the legal industry, use time management software and other legal technology today to enhance your services.

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