No matter where you are in the world, you will always find an ‘A Team’ in a law firm. These people keep a calm head amidst the chaos, properly resolving issues quickly while allowing things to move forward well. No matter what it is, at the drop of a hat, they will be there without question. Since they’re so experienced, there is a high trust level in their ability to decide on matters. It is imperative that these attorneys stay with you.

That said, everyone has limits. It doesn’t exactly help that they’re in one of the more taxing industrieslaw. Practically all lawyers have nothing else but winning set in their sights. That said, being a constant pinch-hitter at the last minute or getting frazzled over an upcoming deadline with no document management tool for help can be taxing.

What Are Warning Signs That Mean the Staff Is Overloaded?

  • Absenteeism

The definition of the term ‘absenteeism’, according to Investopedia, is an employee’s habitual or intentional absence from work. It’s such a widespread issue that companies lose up to tens of billions of dollars. Aside from the lost productivity, there’s also the burden on management. Other employees end up picking up the slack of the ones engaging in absenteeism. Sooner rather than later, resentment and negativity will arise towards the coworker who’s always absent.

It should be noted that there are multiple valid reasons for the occasional absence. This includes the need to handle personal affairs and, of course, illness. That should be no problem for employees and employers alike. The issue lies within absences that are chronically not scheduled.

  • Overtime/Long Hours

Managing partners who are worth their salt will definitely need to spend hours on end at work. However, if the associates are often the first one in and the last one out, there’s definitely an issue there. They should be making use of their time and resources wisely, such as a legal document management tool. Employees who work during weekends or holidays are particularly prone to this. Keep an eye out as well for those who are not using the leave time they’ve earned.

  • Stress

Everyone goes through stress whether or not they’re working in the first place. A lot of people may not know that there’s actually good effects from stress. In moderation, it can push employees to be meticulous and feel motivated. 

For the most part, however, prolonged and intensive stress is not good at all. When things are like this, it’s usually medically referred to as chronic stress. Employees can lose their drive and even enthusiasm from this. It’s such an issue; the morale of entire teams can be shot down by chronic stress. It’s usually the lawyers wishing they have work/life balance as they earn rather hefty checks.


Staff overload is very real, especially in law firms, because even the A-Team has limits. It’s important to keep an eye out for warning signs that staff is overloaded. This includes stress, absenteeism, and overtime/long hours.

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