Organizing Your Files: The Value of Matter Management

Cases large and small often involve plenty of documents and paperwork, which is why legal experts need to have the right software to manage their files. Besides case-related information, they also need to set aside budgets, invoices, and other documents. This is where the distinction between matter management and case management arises.

Legal firms and individual lawyers need more than just a physical ledger to keep track of their clients. For this reason, they utilize management software to avoid misplacing their valuable documents. While most people confuse matter and case management software with each other, the two have distinct functions.

The Benefits of Using Matter Management Software

It’s crucial to capitalize on the benefits of modern technology, no matter what business you’re in. Through matter management software, you’ll launch a more successful business model that covers every aspect of corporate legal practice. This involves robust internal and extra engagements while giving you key insights into your strategic objectives.

In this article, we’ll share three benefits of using matter management software for your legal practice.

1. Effective Document Management

While individual lawyers may have an easier time navigating through their files on individual clients, this won’t be the case for larger legal firms. This is why it’s necessary to have effective document management protocols to segregate and locate important files instantly. Thankfully, matter management software can give you this convenience and many more.

2. Seamless Communication Between Legal and Finance Departments

Legal work needs to be accounted for, whether it’s submitting specific documents or the computation of retainer fees. Since every transaction has value, it’s important to give your clients a transparent and accurate breakdown of your business.

Through matter management software, you can account for all your legal spending. This also makes it easier to analyze budget allocation for you and your clients. Since this library of information is stored in your software, you can use historical data to forecast budget needs for future clients with similar cases.

3. Automated Administrative Output

Running a legal firm entails an administrative aspect of the operation. This ensures that your services are up to code with the standard policies affecting businesses. Unfortunately, many law firms have trouble with this aspect and end up facing fines due to inefficiency. Thankfully, matter management software can also oversee this aspect of your law firm.

Processing countless documents and performing manual data entries repeatedly will become a drag in your business model. The danger of being hyper focused on these tasks is that your team may pay less attention to their cases. Remember that your team is composed of trained lawyers, not secretaries or accountants. For this reason, you need to minimize their downtime by improving your administrative processes.

Through matter management software, you can automate several aspects of your business. For example, you can automate your invoice process and automatically enforce legal billing guidelines. This ensures that you can operate your business without running the risk of human error.


All businesses that delve into heavy documentation and paperwork will benefit greatly from automating their processes. For this reason, it’s in a legal firm’s best interest to invest in quality matter management software. With the right digital tools to supplement your operation, you’ll become a more effective and reliable service provider. However, it can be tough to choose which among the products in the market will fit your business.

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