Matter Management: What Is It and Why Is It Important for Legal Ops?

The key to running a successful legal practice is to incorporate strategies to maximize the company’s resources using cost-effective and highly efficient measures. In this fast-paced and demanding industry, delivering high-quality legal services without driving up costs and potential risks is necessary if you want your legal operations to gain a competitive advantage. 

Legal matter management is one of the most crucial aspects that can impact service delivery and cost savings, but in-house legal departments often have to settle for unintegrated systems that can overburden the IT department. 

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, legal teams should recognize the importance of embracing automation to maximize the team’s efforts and better control the company’s workflow. 

What Exactly is Matter Management? 

This refers to the management of all the activities from your legal practice, which encompasses the following responsibilities: 

  • Disputes and Litigation;
  • Contracts and Transactions;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Claims;
  • Legal Research; 

How Matter Management Software Platforms Can Address Common Challenges in Legal Corporations

Without an automated system in place, the IT team can waste their time and energy on administrative duties due to a lack of standardized processes. This leads to the staff attorneys spending unnecessary hours e-mailing, searching for data, bridging data gaps, reconciling inconsistencies, and compiling reports.

Manually handling these matters can be cumbersome in more ways than one, acting as a bottleneck that slows down the entire workflow process. With a matter management software, you can leverage a reliable cloud-based solution to improve efficiency and drive immediate return on investment for your bottom line. 

Different Ways Matter Management Software Can Solve Ineffiency and Ineffective Efforts

It aligns all legal efforts, automating menial tasks, and improving staff productivity by a significant margin. It also helps digitize archiving documents and other assets, along with enhanced collaboration across different legal departments. Other benefits include: 

  • Reduce the time dedicated to generating and storing legal documents; 
  • Reduce the time drafting reports;
  • Automate notifications for e-mails; 
  • Speed up the process of searching for records;
  • Allocate work across different resources to boost productivity;
  • Improve risk mitigation; 
  • Enhance security when handling sensitive data and documents;

As seen above, legal corporations can bolster growth and deliver quality services by adopting high-tech tools like matter management software solutions. 

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Matter Management in Legal Operations 

Matter management software solutions can automate and integrate multiple systems in place, allowing your legal practice to connect everyone in the organization under one platform seamlessly. With the ability to find everything you need to get the job done, matter management can take on a smoother approach by establishing a consistent system. 

How Can We Help?

Leading a legal practice is a complex process that requires efficient strategies to boost your productivity. If you’re looking for legal assistance that can take the drudgery out of matter management, we can help you find the best legal technology that can streamline your work. 

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