How Legal Technology Is Shaping a New Generation of Lawyers

The way new technologies are being developed and discovered has come to the point that it’s almost overwhelming to keep up with everything new. Some industries embrace the change while others maintain some resistance to it for their own reasons. However, the legal sector will no longer be the same as it continues to become altered by these new technological changes.

Legal technology is not an entirely new concept as it’s always been an integral part of the industry and its proceedings. Advancements such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics have pushed the legal industry into a new age where technology is crucial and has changed the way professionals work. Let’s explore some of those changes brought by technological advancements in the legal sector.

Promoting a Collaborative Culture

With new technology comes new opportunities like the growing use of electronic litigation database tools. This has led to the creation of a new profession called litigation support professionals. This has paved the way for lawyers to work with professionals from other fields to become more effective at delivering services. It becomes more focused on collaboration and partnerships despite the difference in practice. 

Encouraging Computer Literacy

Because of the rapid advancement in legal technology, lawyers are compelled to become more technologically literate and tech-savvy. It’s no longer just a person’s skill and knowledge that serve as a basis for being an outstanding lawyer. Now, a lawyer’s ability to offer innovations to solve pressing problems has become more important than ever.

Tech-Aided Legal Intuition

While new lawyers have an advantage because of their technological awareness compared to their predecessors, developing legal intuition can only be learned and developed through experience. Fortunately, new tools are being developed to validate the instincts of a lawyer against others who have ruled on a particular issue. These applications are beneficial to new lawyers as it gives them clarity on a particular issue and how it was previously approached. Eventually, it teaches them to develop their own legal instincts in handling similar cases.

Using Tech Skills to the Client’s Advantage

Understanding data is critical for any business or profession. If you can access your own data, you can develop a competitive advantage over your competitors. Lawyers who hone their skills and learn more about new technologies and how they work can equip themselves with a more tech-oriented skillset. This allows you to advise clients in the tech sectors and how new products and applications can be used to your advantage.

A New Perspective on Their Practice

Being a lawyer has its own fair share of challenges that sometimes may feel insurmountable. The study of law alone requires focus and determination as you review case after case, just like when you practice law. Sometimes there’s just no time to think about their profession because of all the cases they review and handle. With the use of legal technology, you can become more efficient in finishing tasks and managing your time effectively. You can now afford to take a step back and just look deeper into your profession and focus on your growth as an individual.


A few years ago, legal tech skills were the realm of legal nerds with niche knowledge of coding and technology. Today, legal technology is gaining more popularity and attention from the professional community. Lawyers are finally seeing the value of becoming more tech-savvy to deliver better service to their clients and the community.

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