How Automation Affects Your Law Firm’s Processes

Automation and the legal industry have a complicated relationship. Automation and innovation are about taking risks and reaping the benefits, but lawyers are always good at determining and minimizing risks. This causes a push-and-pull effect, where most firms hover in between wanting change and negating it. 

There may be a disconnect between the two, but the world is rapidly changing. The legal landscape has not been spared and if they fail to adapt, challenges will arise. To achieve success, embracing automation and innovation is key. 

Before allowing your law firm to plunge into the pool of innovation, take a look into the three most essential areas of legal processes that automation has improved:

1 – Streamlined internal processes

Technology savvy firms use automation to streamline repetitive processes, which usually include AML, client onboarding, and letters of engagement. Drafting contracts, advice, and other legal documents are also processes that benefit immensely from automation, mainly because these tasks take up too much time. 

Legal bills also remain a challenge, as they can be cumbersome. The process detracts your lawyers away from what they need to do. By automating the auditing process, most of which can be done through eBilling, you allow your firm to save on costs and time. 

By automating these processes, firms can remove bottlenecks and save more time for more important tasks—serving clients, developing new skills, and even bonding with their families. 

2 – Better client acquisition 

Innovative firms are now able to reach potential clients through websites, which adds value to their services and builds credibility. Interactive online interviews that produce free documents for visitors attract clients aplenty, so this is one aspect your law firm should consider. 

Transitioning online also gives way to digital marketing strategies, which allows you to drive traffic to your website. It’s a good investment, seeing as it’s affordable, scalable, and even measurable! Through digital marketing, your lawyers need not go out for coffee with clients, networking events, and group meetings, which have far less reach and impact. 

3 – Online processes 

As previously mentioned, tech-savvy firms now conduct initial interviews online. This benefits both parties, as lawyers can now comfortably speak with clients without much traveling. Likewise, clients enjoy working with lawyers with such ease and convenience. 

By allowing clients to self-service through online methods, firms save much time and money. There will be no more going back and forth, trying to match schedules for meetings and chats. 

Well-developed programs also allow for better document management. Seeing as information is already recorded for both parties, lawyers and clients alike will be able to circle back to the information they might need.


What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Your law firm may be enjoying success now, but the ever-evolving world may beg to differ. Your processes may suddenly become obsolete tomorrow, as with your strategies. That said, allow your lawyers to run toward, not away, to automation. 

By fully embracing automation, your legal firm has the competitive advantage of futureproofing. You’re also able to serve your clients better and with such good relationships and services, you’ll likely be seeing your customer base grow exponentially. 

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