5 Benefits of Investing in an Automated Contract Management for Your Legal Firm

Businesses such as law firms, corporate legal departments, and private attorneys deal with various contracts regularly. These include non-disclosure agreements, property agreements, licensing agreements, employee contracts, and a whole lot more. Understandably, drafting and managing these multiple documents for your business can be quite complex and challenging.

Fortunately, tools and technology have been introduced in the market, making contract management a lot easier and more efficient nowadays. These automated management tools allow your business to perform tasks, such as multi-party negotiation, stakeholder review, contract requests, and contract revision.

If you run a legal firm or private practice, here are five valuable reasons you should consider investing in an automated contract management tool.

1. Easy drafting and contract change

Drafting and revising contracts regularly are normal in legal firms and private practices. Lawyers need to ensure that these contracts are accurate and well-prepared for the good of their clients and vendors. What’s good about using an automated tool for this is that the tasks of writing and revising a contract become rather easy. You’ll be able to complete the process more efficiently and promptly.

2. Useful analytics

Another good reason to use an automated tool for managing contracts is useful analytics. This type of tool allows you to have complete insights and extract accurate reports for contracts. It also helps your business or firm understand contract liabilities and set a robust management system. Finally, these analytics help you identify risks and take advantage of opportunities.

3. Error identification

Automated tools leave no room for errors. Think about manual drafting and managing contracts prone to overpayment errors, clerical mistakes, or goods and services price errors. As an automated identifies any compliance infringement and prevents your business from committing any breach or fraud, investing in this technology is a great solution.

4. Time management

When it comes to contract drafting, revision, and management, time is crucial. The chances are that clients, vendors, and other stakeholders are waiting for the contracts to be finalized and handed over. By using an automated tool, you will be able to deliver your contracts on time and as promised.

5. Constant updates

A contract management tool gives updates constantly. It has a built-in real-time alert mechanism that notifies you if contract amendments need to be carried out or if new contracts need to be released to the clients or parties. It will also inform you when the contract expiration date is near and needs renewal.


Today, it becomes imperative for a corporate entity to cope with technological changes and incorporate a contract management tool. Automated solutions can significantly help lawyers, corporates, and individual users eliminate the manual drafting and managing of contracts.

As outlined above, this automated tool has desirable features, such as easy drafting and contract change, useful analytics, error identification, time management, and constant updates. With all these in place, you can expect your contract management to be error-free, streamlined, and completely efficient.

We provide robust legal technology, such as e-billing, document management, and contract management for law firms, corporate legal departments, and private attorneys. If you specifically need a contract management tool, get in touch with us today!