4 Steps to Execute a Legal Matter Management System During COVID-19

Keeping track of everything from documents, vendors, and people has always been a crucial part of a law firm or a corporate legal department. Without strict dedication to matter management or the process of tracking, gathering, reporting, and assigning legal work, a department or firm’s workflow would quickly descend into chaos.

The pandemic has undoubtedly thrown an unexpected wrench in many companies’ plans, making many of them scramble to get things in order again. Using legal matter management software will help law firms and corporations oversee the vast scope and volume of legal work they process, allowing them to stay on top of all documents and information.

Here are four steps to implement a legal matter management system during COVID-19:

  • Create a Strategy for Transitioning to a New System

When undergoing a transition between systems, it’s crucial to have a requirements document containing a list of essential elements that you must add to your new tool or software. These elements include ease of customization, integration with existing systems, essential functions, and other features.

Rope in the leaders of your organization in this step to ensure that the new system meets the needs of everyone involved. Working together with department heads will give you access to valuable insight, helping you create a blueprint for tailoring your legal matter management software to your organization’s specifications.

  • Implement Configuration and Training With Experts

Now that you have your requirements document, you now have to customize the legal matter management system to your needs. By having experts and critical staff in the process, such as those from legal, information technology, and other departments, you’ll undergo comprehensive administrative training to learn how to use the software. You’ll learn how to establish relevant user workgroups, configure the system security, develop document assembly templates, and many other features.

  • Test the Software to Ensure Functionality

To guarantee that the system fits your needs, you’ll have to ensure your data is clean and ironed out before commencing the mapping process. At this point, your team must be well-versed in knowing how to carry out data conversion and mapping. The project manager must also create a data mapping report that will map current data to the new system to ensure that everything is correct before proceeding with coding. 

Once you have successfully mapped your data and configured your new system and database, be sure to test it out. That way, you’ll know if everything is working as intended. It also allows you to make any changes before rolling it out to your organization, which should be communicated to the vendor.

  • Train Employees Before Rolling Out the System

Lastly, you should train all employees that you expect to be regular users of the legal matter management software. The training must be comprehensive and include full instruction on using critical functions like file management, communication, and other essential application features.

Although training is usually done on-site, current pandemic restrictions can make this difficult. Fortunately, it is possible to train remotely, although you’ll need to plan carefully and ensure that you schedule training sessions when everyone can attend. Doing this will ensure that you can answer all questions that come up, guaranteeing that everyone is on the same page before officially launching the system.


Legal technology has helped law firms and corporations get ahead of their work, which has been especially important during the pandemic. By incorporating these steps into implementing a new legal matter management system, you’ll improve your organization’s processes and achieve a more efficient workflow.

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