What We Do:

Legal Technology Finder is the premiere comparison resource for buyers to make informed decisions when purchasing technology for their firm or legal department. We are a one-stop-shop for user reviews and research on dozens of legal technology software products, platforms, and modules for single attorney law firms to large multinational legal teams.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide transparency and act as a research tool for niche technology markets. Rather than hiring consultants, issuing RFP’s and soliciting random bids, Legal Technology Finder enables users to source exactly the software they need. Our easy comparison tools are the culmination of hundreds of hours of research and dedication to finding the absolute best providers in Legal Technology.

Our international team has decades of experience in IT and Legal Technology from both the provider and user side. This background enables us to provide transparent and verified knowledge to readers – but we won’t be offended when you do your own due diligence!

Legal Technology Finder sources our provider list from the best in the industry and checks that against public and private reviews. We consistently update our recommendations based on changes, reviews, and consolidations in the market because they happen more frequently than you’d think.


Legal Technology Finder is free for users because some vendors pay us to review and highlight their products. We review and link to as many as possible within limits – not just those that pay – so that you have as much data as possible before reaching out. If you are curious about a provider that is not featured, please contact us here for information we may have.